How Kareena Kapoor Attained Zero Size

Zero size is a fashion jargon describing a woman who has a bust size of 31.5 inches, a waist of 23 inches and hips of 32 inches. The beautiful Kareena Kapoor is one of the top actors in Bollywood (Hindi films made in Bombay) and is known to have reduced to size zero for a certain film. 

Secret Of kareena kapoor Weight loss

This formerly chubby actor (who weighed 132 pounds) surprised everyone with her sudden commitment to weight loss and successfully attained a slim, svelte figure. Those who could not ‘figure’ out the secret of her successful weight loss speculated that she went on a crash diet and was too weak after that. There were reports that the actor fainted frequently during shooting too.There were rumours that she underwent bariartic surgery, which is not true
However, Rujuta Diwekar, Dietician and Nutritionist, who was consulted by the actor, since May 2007, claims that Kareena lost weight in a healthy manner by eating the right food and working out the right way. 
Diet changeover For kareena By Rujuta Diwarker 

At the outset Kareena instructed her dietician that she would not go into crash diets or any unhealthy means to lose weight as she was a popular icon for millions of teenagers in India. She did not want to mislead them into thinking about starving or going on crash diets to lose weight. 
The vegetarian actor, instead, gave up her favorite meals consisting of parathas (fat enriched flat breads), cheese, pasta, Chinese and Thai cuisines and bananas. She switched over to a nutritious vegetarian diet, consisting of soups, fruits, yoghurt, vegetable salads, and plenty of fluids that had exactly the number of calories required
The meals were planned in a manner that the actor received the right amount of nutrition with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and optimal supplements. 

Exercise Fitness Routine For Kareena Kapoor By Payal Gidwani 

Meals were supplemented with two hours of power yoga (vigorous, fitness based yoga) practice. Payal Gidwani, Kareena’s fitness trainer says that the actor would do 50 Surya Namaskars in one session of workout. Sometimes she managed a 100 with many variations.  

What is Surya namaskar,How Is Surya Namaskar Done 

Surya Namaskar literally translates to saluting the sun. This yoga exercise is believed to be beneficial for the mind and body. To practice it you make full use of almost 95% of the muscles in your body. This keeps the muscles fit and smoothly functional. It is most effective if performed early in the morning on an empty stomach. In fact 50 Surya namaskars are equivalent to 100 sit-ups and pull-ups! There are twelve steps to complete the exercise. One Surya Namaskar consumes 2.3 Kilocalories of energy.  

The schedule Of Yoga For Kareena Kapoor

The yoga schedule, that was one or one and a half hours long, consisted of
  • Warm up
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Yoga focused on exercising/strengthening any two parts of the body including
  • Naukasana for abs
  • Bhujangasana for back
  • Parvatsana for arms
  • Virabhadra for legs
Cool down consisting of Pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation. Kareena, it is said, performed about 500 kapalbhatis every day. Kapalbhati is a weight loss focused breathing exercise
Some believe that Kareena practiced Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga. This exercise was designed by Bikram Choudary in the seventies. It is performed in a room that has 40% humidity and is raised to 105 degrees F. The one and a half hour session includes a couple of breathing routines and 26 different yoga postures. 
It is encouraging to see that you can attain an ideal weight, remain healthy and look gorgeous all at the same time, with the right kind of planning going into what you eat and how you work out. 
Attaining the ideal weight can be strenuous and well near impossible if you are planning to starve or go on a crash diet. Kareena Kapoor believed in sensible eating and regular hours of workouts in the form of power yoga to lose weight and still remain healthy.
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