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Any day makeup for face :-

The first step of a face make up is to clean it thoroughly. This is followed by the application of a base cream, which is layered with a foundation that suits the skin tone. A sponge applicator works best. Spots or blemishes can be hidden with a concealer or a light foundation. Even the neck, front and back, must be covered with the base to avoid a dual skin tone.
The face or compact powder should then be evenly spread on the face, preferably with a brush. This must be applied on the eyelids and lips too. Next the blusher needs to be applied deftly on the upper portion of the cheeks and blended softly to the skin. This lends a rosy tint to the cheeks, thus brightening up the face.

With the face done, the eyes come next. Eyeliner for the eyelids and mascara for the eyelashes are a must. Red, golden or green eye shadow complements the bride’s red dress. The eyebrow may be shaped or darkened with an eyebrow pencil.

The indispensable bindi is the next to feature on the forehead. Light designs can also be made on the forehead outlining the eyebrows. Lips are the last to be decorated. An outline may be made first with a lip pencil. The rest of the lips should be filled up with lipstick. The excess may be wiped off with tissue paper. The final touch is the lip-gloss that renders the shine to the lips.
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5 Ways to Get More from Your Dressing

5 Ways to Get More from Your Dressing

Be a charm like any celebrity by the correct dressing. There are 5 ways to get more from your dressing. It comprises of dressing in accordance to height, selecting the right fabric, choosing the color as per the time, picking up more feminine clothes and wearing amazing accessory.

Your super stylish wardrobe can make you a star in the crowd. It is not necessary to wear only branded or designer stuff to get that, to-die-for look. It can be attained in simple 5 ways. You have to dress up anyways so why not be dress up modish yet elegant when it can be done in 5 simple ways.

Dress up According to Your Height
Always wear a dress that flatters your figure. If you are tall then weight is not a problem as tall women never look plump. For height more than 5’6’’ decide for pale, earthy color bottoms paired with bright colored t-shirts. Short tops shall also suit very well. If looking for Indian clothes wear salwar suits in contrast colour shade for kurti and salwar. Sari with mixed colors’ shall give illusion of short height. A large print all over the dress is a good option over the plain dress.

Woman less than 5’3’’ is a short height woman. Even if she is less in weight she looks plump because of short height. Clothing for short women must be in same color from top to bottom. A plain dress with very less small prints gives the impression of long height. Prefer the length of pants or trousers till the ankle instead of short pants and caprice. Bottoms slightly tight from thighs then little loose from knee to ankle like bal bottoms is the right selection.

Decide on Apt Fabric
A tall woman should wear more stretched fluffy fabrics such as organza, cotton, jute, velvet, spur fabrics. Bottoms with thicker cloth like linen, jeans and cotton is good choice. Cargos shall certainly make a tall woman look very smart. On the other hand, free flowing soft fabrics in single tone like chiffon, georgette, polyester or cotton silk are best for short height women. She would look tall and slim, in all very attractive to catch hold of other people’s attention.

Pick up the Right Color as per Time of the Day
During the hot sunny day white and other light colors’ are best while for evening parties dark shades are apt. When the weather in day time is somewhat like spring season then opt for royal blue or Kelly green color dress. Keep the bold colors’ such as all shades of red and blue for night.

Opt for the Apposite Attire
Select the classic outfits with feminine sensitivity. Wear tops with good necklines and sleeveless tops if your arms are not flabby. For the traditional attire wear straps blouse with sari. In the western outfit choose the tops having the creative design on the neck. The cleavage length should be one you are comfortable with, no point in going for deep necks and not being comfortable.

Flash the Any Statement Accessory
Never over-accessorize yourself. It is not a good idea to flaunt everything you have at one go. Wear one eye-catching accessory at a time to draw the attention towards you. Shoes and bags are part of regular dressing. Apart from these two one should wear one or two more accessory like if it is festive occasions or wedding do wear beautiful long chandelier earrings. For a casual outing or picnic flash your attire with long scarf and cool sunglasses.

Every individual will have some extraordinary feature that should be highlighted while dressing up. Take care of these 5 simple points and look like any celebrity. Get into smart dressing and spice it up!

Colors for the Indian Bridal Wear

Indian Bridal Wear is known for its opulent embroidery and bright colors. There are few colors that are created only for the bride. At present latest bridal styling colors are turquoise, fuchsia and sea green along with the eternal colors red and magenta. Complement these colors with apt jewelry.

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of every woman. In India the lady is made feel like a princess with embellished costume and jewelry. The bridal wear has to be just apt with no compromise as it is for the D-Day of the lady. Colors selection for entire Indian wedding attire is certainly a crucial task. Fashion experts suggest few colors that are trendy and capable to turn the heads only on the bride.

Red, the Evergreen Color for Indian Bridal Wear
This color has been the hot favorite for Indian wedding since ages. It symbolizes love between two people who are going to be bonded into a pious relationship. All shades of red are best for the brides. However to spice it up a little this color can be paired with some contrast colors. For instance green blouse for red sari or red lehanga, golden yellow for the palu on the red sari and so on. In order to enhance red color, go in for swarovski crystal and gems of different colors studded in the rich embroidery on the dress to steal all the attention.

Magenta, the Next Pick for Indian Bridal Wear
Red gives way to Magenta amicably. This implies that magenta is the next most preferred color after red for bridal wear. It too always remains in trend when it comes to wedding. The silver thread well detailed embroidery looks wonderful on this color. To top it further, the white metal jewelry with diamonds/zircon gemstones is the right choice for magenta colored bridal sari, lehanga and salwar kameez. Brides with fair complexion can opt for this color without thinking twice.

Sea green, Contemporary Pick in Indian Bridal Wear
It is good to try something new and contemporary as well. Hence, make your mind up for sea green color dress. It is a light color shade but looks absolutely fabulous when teamed up with white metal diamond/zircon jewelry having deep green colored gemstones like emerald and jade. Ensure the size of green gemstones is quite big to complement the sea green color of sari or lehanga. This combination is surely amazing.

Latest Color Trend for Indian Bridal Wear, Fuchsia
This is the new English color quite close to magenta. Hence, same as magenta silver thread work goes very well on this shade and same goes with jewelry too. The difference is that this color suits all the skin tones. The brides need not think too much for this color. It looks very gracious for evening functions.

Yet another New Color for Bridal Wear, Turquoise
Turquoise is a unique color for Indian wedding attire. It is very much different from the traditional color choices as it is light in shade. Thereby it gives new fresh feel to the entire bridal wear. It looks best when teamed with yellow. This color would definitely make a new style statement. Jewelry with ethnic designs complements the color.

Color is a personal preference but when it comes to wedding it is better to follow the trend because it is your day hence you should be at your best ever!

Nail Shaping Tools

Nail Tools

A nail file, nail cutter and emery stick are the nail shaping tools. Experts suggest avoiding the metal files as it would be harsh on the tender nail skin. Hence, two-sided files with soft cushioned center or a flexible wooden file is a better option.

Always keep the file at 45 degree angle to the bottom of the nail tip. Move the file from center to end then repeat the same to another side. Do not give the strokes to the nail moving from one side to other as it needs more force which might hurt the nail. When the strokes are divided into two that is from center to side then the shape comes precise and clear.

Massage the Nails with Oil

Massage the Nail with Oil

It is difficult to shape the nails if it is too hard or too soft. Thereby, massage the nails first with olive oil. Put one drop of olive oil on each nail and massage well for 7-8 minutes. Leave it as it is for another 10 minutes so that the oil is absorbed in nails. In place of olive oil, coconut or mustard oil can also be used. Now move ahead to give the shape to the nails.

Nail Shaping

Nail Shapes

The nails can be shaped using the nail file and nail cutter. There are in all five main nail shapes, each having its own distinctive value. These shapes are square, round, oval, pointed and squoval. Square and oval shapes are long-lasting shapes while squoval is the shape best suited for everyday activities.

Nails look very attractive if they are shaped nicely. Well manicured hands and pedicure feet makes the personality of a woman more impressive. With continuous practice the nails can be trimmed and given good shape even at home, it is not necessary to get it done only by experts.

Pedicure At Home

Pedicure at Home

Pedicure can be done at home. It is a simple procedure of 25-30 minutes. It starts with cutting nails, giving it shape, feet bath, massage and lastly applying nail polish. Pedicure helps to remove the dead skin from the feet along with the dirt that settles down deep inside the pores.

It is essential to pamper the feet in today’s hasty lifestyle that demands indefinite physical body movements like walking, running and standing etc. In all these activities feet holds up the entire body weight and exerts most thereby gets stressed out. Hence, cosset the feet with Pedicure. It can be done either professionally at beauty salons or at home in few simple steps.

First gather all the things that shall be required for pedicure. Besides, too much movement in between the pedicure will not give complete rest to the legs. The things required are nail polish remover, ear bud, nail cutter, nail file, napkins, towel, olive oil, tub half filled with slightly hot water, pumice stone, rock salt, rose water, fresh flower petals, one lemon, herbal shampoo, cream and moisturizer. Subsequently, begin the process to coddle the feet.

Step 1: Clean the feet under the running tap water and wipe it off with a napkin. Dip the ear bud in the nail polish remover and remove the old nail polish from the nails.

Step 2: In the tub half filled with hot water, add half teaspoon olive oil, one teaspoon herbal shampoo, half lemon juice, little rock salt, few drops of rose water and fresh flower petals. Now immerse the feet in this water for 10-15 minutes. In between keep scrubbing the heels and toe with pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Past 15 minutes, take out the feet from the tub and wipe with a napkin.

Step 3: Push back the cuticles with orange stick very gently. Apply one drop of olive oil on each nail and massage well. Now massage entire feet with a regular massage cream for 7-8 minutes.

Step 4: Nails would become soft now, so proceed to cut the nails with the help of a nail cutter. It is always advised to keep the nails of the feet short else it restricts the free movement and become prone to frequent chipping. Then give the desired shape to the nails using nail filer. For the toe nail, move the nail file to and fro while for other nails move the file only in one direction.

Step 5: Dip the towel in hot water having the left over half lemon juice, squeeze the extra water and wrap this towel around the feet for 2-3 minutes. Repeat it once more. It can be done alternatively on each leg.

Step 6: Now thoroughly dry the feet with a napkin. Ensure to wipe off well in between the leg fingers because any moisture left can lead to fungus or some other infection.

Step 7: In this last step apply the nail polish. In order to enhance the color of the nail polish, first apply the base coat (transparent nail polish) followed by other colored nail polish.

Pedicure is the best mode of making legs beautiful and attractive. It also grabs the attention of any passer by. In these few steps one can easily take very good care of feet after all we all know that little care brings a lot of difference!

Eye Shadows

Apply 3 Eye Shadows Shades Together on Eyes

Three different color shades of eye shadows can be applied together on eyes to give a special look to the woman. It is important to bring some change in the appearance after a while for oneself and for others. This can be done by applying eye shadow using three shades belonging to the same color family on each eye.

Every single day applying one eye shadow could be a little boring. So spice it up by way of applying three shades of eye shadow at the same time on eyes. This would give a total different glance and make eyes look impressive. It could be done in few easy steps just make sure to follow the steps in the sequence.

Step 1
Pick three different shades light, medium and dark shades from same color family. For instance choose the brown color shade then light brown, chamoisee brown and chocolate brown would be three required shades. The difference in the color shades must be significant so that it can be clearly noticed. The light shade is applied on the lid, medium on the crease (just below the eyebrows) and dark shade on the lash line (immediately above upper eye lashes). Prefer all shades as in powder form because it merges well and gives the consistent look.

Step 2
Prepare the eyes for eye shadow application by putting on the base of any foundation. Liquid foundation is more apt for eyes. Single out the foundation color shades closest to the skin tone. This base would help the eye shadow to stay in its place for a longer duration and enhance the appearance of its color. Apply very little foundation with the help of brush and blend it well. In case foundation is not available then concealer or translucent dusting powder could also be used.

Step 3
Once the base is ready on the eyes, first put the medium color shade of eye shadow on the eyelid crease. Moving the brush back and forth apply it on the crease. Apply it only with a brush. Any type of sponge, finger or cotton should not be used as it neither applies nor blends well.

Step 4
Then apply the light shade on the left edge of the right eye and on the right edge of the left eye. Put on the lightest of all shade on the edges and on the lid that is below the crease and just about the lash line. Blend it well with medium shade. It must also be applied only with the eye shadow blush.

Step 5
Last apply the dark color on the lash line. It should be applied with utmost care and patience because this makeup cosmetic should not go in the eye and must not over shadow other two shades. It would be easy if this particular shade is applied with the flat eye shadow brush. Finally blend it well with the rest two eye shadows. It should give an unvarying look.

Step 6
At last apply mascara cautiously so that it does not leave black spot on the eyelid. Black mascara boosts up the eye shadow to a large degree.

This is one technique of putting three shades of eye shadow on eyes. This combination suits all eyes and highlights the common facial features. There are many other techniques that shows up specific facial characteristic appropriate for special occasions. However, when applying all by yourself and wish to take a break from the mundane one color eye shadow shade, in that case this is the best modus operandi!
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