How Did Adnan Sami Loose Weight

How Did Adnan Sami Loose Weight

The British born singer musician, Adnan Sami lost almost 258 pounds in a span of 11 months. This Canadian citizen, presently living in Bombay. India is a much sought after playback singer who also holds the record for the fastest keyboard player in the world.
Four years ago, he had been told by doctors that he would not live for more than six months if he continued weighing 440pounds! On June 6, 2006, he ate a huge cheese cake, a potter house steak with lots of butter and mashed potatoes. From then on he went on a diet and regular exercise and work outs.

Exercise Routine Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami chose Prashant Sawant a trainer in Mumbai to help him work out. According to Prashanth, Adnan felt exhausted after walks, but was regular with the workouts. Whenever in town he trained diligently for an hour doing weights and a mixture of weights and cardio exercises.
Diet plan For Adnan Sami to loose Weight
Adnan was asked to stop eating four foods that were almost staple to him. They were rice, breads (including roti – an Indian flat bread)), sugar and oil. The meals that helped bring about the massive weight loss and what he still continues to have include
Vegetable salads
Tandoori fish (tandoor is a traditional Indian clay oven used to bake or cook.)
Any amount of sugar fee drinks
Popcorn sans the butter
Cooked lentils without any seasoning

Breakfast is a cup of sugarless tea. Lunch is a big helping of salad which has half an ounce of no-fat dressing. Dinner is one helping of cooked lentils. The day Adnan Sami began the dieting he gave up drinking alcohol in any form and still does not drink it. His diet regime allows him to have chicken, but he feels no inclination to eat it.
Rate of weight loss in Adnan Sami
A good weight loss rate for people on a diet is considered to be 4.4 to 8.8 pounds a month. Adnan Sami lost weight at a rate of 23.4 pounds per month. This is too high a figure, appreciated because Adnan weighed a whopping 440 pounds.

A few people believe that Adnan may have had bariatric surgery. Performed on extremely obese people whose BMI (body mass index) is 40 and above, this weight loss surgery may be to
Remove a section of the stomach
Re route the small intestines to a timny pouch of the stomach
Decrease the size of the stomach with gastric banding

Adnan Sami has these tips for weight watchers
Do not wait for the doctor to tell you that you are obese. Plan for a good change in lifestyle right now
Identify the root cause of obesity. For Adnan it was love of food. Once he made healthy changes in his diet, he was on a successful weight lose route
Healthy changes in eating and exercise habits are more effective in losing weight than following fad diets for a limited period, after which you may gain back the lost weight.
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